The Park Networks is a tool of Parco geominerario Storico e Ambientale della Sardegna. Our aim is to share experience and knowledge among citizen and istitutions, the ones that manage important cultural and environmental areas.

The website www.retidelparco.it allows for easy navigation of more than three hundred sites. They develop and experiment different methods for the conservation and management of natural and cultural heritage.
In addiction to external networks you can find a catalogue of internal resources of our Park, as many doors to our hospitable territory.

The portal comprise Italian, EU and international sites. It's articulated in different issues: geological, mining, historical and environmental heritage linked with both networks of  geosites and industrial archaeology.
Generally the Park Networks is dedicated to cultural and natural heritage.

Emblem of the Park Networks is the historical plant of Porto Flavia where once, directly from the cliff, the minerals were loaded onto merchant ships to make industrial ports worldwide. Now the nine silos of this plant symbolize a renewed cultural exchange between our internal resources and the related websites worldwide.

The nine silos correspond to the nine areas of external networks related to internal resources of Geo-mining Historical Environmental Park of Sardinia: Geological heritage, Industrial heritage, Tourism, Sustainable development, Material heritage, Intangible cultural heritage, Handicraft, Natural areas and Enogastronomy.

The Geo-mining Park invites you to discover hundreds of places, to highlight common characteristics with our Park, and to go beyond the screen and to visit extraordinary but real sites.

Working group
Prof. Ing. Pasquale Mistretta (Coordinator)
Prof. arch. Francesco Calzolaio (Scientific Supervisor)
Prof. Felice Di Gregorio
Arch. Enrico Chirigu

Dott. Michele Loj (Webmaster)
Walter Tocco (Implementation)
Manuela Mandas